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“Run away to the Dark Side” the bottle encourages us “to a place called Port Misery, South Australia.”

This dark brooding wine is a tribute to the brave souls who set sail to the Dark Side of the world in search of a better life, and arrived to find ‘Hopes End’.

History has it that a courageous few willingly journeyed by sea from London to the far side of the world in 1886. Among them was a doctor, on the treacherous journey with hope for a better life than that which they had left behind them in London. However, rather than a land of milk and honey, instead, they arrived at Port Misery, South Australia, a dark swamp, like nothing they’d ever imagined. A place of lawlessness, low morals and high vice, far from the promising new beginnings they sought. However at that moment they thought, if hope had brought them here, to this dismal place, surely this was ‘Hopes End’. And so it was named. As for the doctor himself, the extraordinary idea to make a different kind of tonic, Australian Red Blend wine was born.  He began working with the land to grow vines and from the grapes he made wine “from purity, passion, from virtue and from vice”. And having tasted this wonderful wine from Hope’s End,

they decided to stop hoping for a better tomorrow, and instead to live for the day.

And while this wine’s journey began in hope, with the bright sunlight of the hot South Australian summers, the result is a stunning wine which you can enjoy in Ireland today.  The vines grow strong and robust in the heartland of South Australia’s vineyard regions.  Deep sandy loam over limestone soils ensures they flourish to produce intensely flavoured, perfectly ripened grapes.  Carefully selected parcels of Shiraz, Grenache and Malbec are picked at dawn when perfectly ripe and crushed and de-stemmed prior to fermentation under temperature controlled conditions to preserve their vibrant colours and flavours.  The result is a luscious berry driven palate with flavours of boysenberry marmalade and cherry jam, laced with subtle new oak. It is silky smooth with hints of vanilla and chocolate with flavours that linger long after the last sip.

It is definitely a food wine, great with steaks and hearty warming dishes, and it has a long cellaring potential.  The 2015 will continue to drink well in 2020.  If you would like to be one of six winners who will sample a bottle of Hope's End, just send us an email telling us what you like about Australian wines, and we will get one to you before the winter sets in!

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