Wine of the Month


Many wine lovers say that some of the greatest wines in the world are produced from the Riesling grape and most of these come from Germany.  It is difficult to understand why we in Ireland do not love it more than we do, choosing Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc instead when opting for a refreshing glass of white wine.  Yet Riesling is a very aromatic grape variety, and those aromas can reflect not only a range of fruits but also honey, minerals, flowers – and the one that puts most people off – petrol!  But you should not be put off, as a good fresh Riesling is a delightful glass of wine, and just lovely for the summer days ahead. It is interesting to note that Riesling was once the best-selling white wine in the world and it was imported into Irish taverns from the fourteenth century onwards becoming a centrepiece of many Irish tables in the Victorian era!



Nowadays, Riesling is consumed young where previously it was around five or six years old - thus the often derided 'petrol' aroma!   However these days a good one or two year old Riesling makes the perfect pairing with summer foods. I am recommending one of Germany’s finest Rieslings to try now that the June weather is here, and we can enjoy some al-fresco barbeques and lunches. Villa Huesgen comes from the Mosel region, between Koblenz and Trier, is the most imposing wine area of the world and the origin of Riesling. It is characterized through the precipitous vineyards falling down to the river. The cliffy slate slopes hold the warmth of the sun and give the Riesling its special note. The best conditions for cultivating Riesling also known as “the queen of grapes” are found in the Mosel area.

The Huesgen family have been in the wine business for nine generations now and today Adolph Huesgen VIII continues the tradition of his ancestors with VILLA HUESGEN, a new concept for Riesling Wine from the Mosel. 


If you would like to taste this exceptional German wine, just tell us what would be your favourite summer lunch food pairing with a bottle of Villa Huesgen By The Glass Riesling?

Email your menu to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the competition will stay open for six weeks.