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Hotel Reviews Ireland,
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Up to date reviews of hotels in The North of Ireland, including Monaghan, Down, Belfast and Donegal.

Castle Leslie – Monaghan
This unique family owned hotel is set in a 1,000 acre estate and has been in the Leslie family for over three hundred years during which time little has changed… review of Castle Leslie – Monaghan

The Culloden Hotel – Co. Down
The Culloden Hotel is renowned as Northern Ireland’s most individual and distinguished five-star hotel…… review of the Culloden Hotel – Co. Down

The Merchant Hotel – Belfast
The Merchant Hotel in the centre of Belfast city is unlike any hotel you have ever visited. Very chic and contemporary, already a favourite with the city’s main movers, it is very encouraging to see such a sumptuous hotel in Belfast…read the review of The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

Harveys Point – Donegal
The new suites at Harvey’s Point Hotel in Donegal are without doubt the largest and most luxurious in the whole of Ireland. The new wing includes Executive, Deluxe Premium and Penthouse Suites, all designed to five star the review on Harveys Point – Donegal

The Northern region of Ireland has a very vibrant food culture, with many traditional specialities and exciting restaurants. Get plenty of local information at

A visit to Belfast’s St George’s indoor market is a must-do.
Locally produced and organic food is used in all the Rankin restaurants – including Cayenne, Roscoff Brasserie, Rain City Grills and a plethora of Paul Rankin cafes.
If you are visiting the famous Giant’s Causeway, check out

A totally food based site for the region is and there is an excellent food guide for the Armagh and Down area which you can access through

For all sorts of information on Northern Ireland, go to their own website,